Pastor and Mrs. Joe Mishler

Pastor and Mrs. Joe Mishler

Pastor and Mrs. Joe Mishler have been with LIghthouse Baptist Church since November 2005.  Pastor Mishler surrendered his life to preach when he was working as a paramedic/firefighter for the Fairbanks Fire Department.  During this time, he realized most of the calls he went on were due to people living their lives their way in spite of what God’s Word says and that everyone would eventually  die some day and stand before God.  Ever since then, he has had a desire to answer God’s call on his life to bring God’s free gift of salvation to those who have never heard in the beautiful city of Juneau, AK.




Andrew and Megan Wheeler – Youth Leaders

Andrew and Megan Wheeler

Andrew and Megan Wheeler have been members of Lighthouse Baptist Church since May of 2011. After graduating from The Crown College in Knoxville, TN, they were married and made their way up to Alaska. Andrew was saved under the preaching of his Uncle in Strawberry Plains, TN, and Megan was saved while attending Bible Baptist Church in Fairbanks, Alaska. They moved to Alaska to serve God in the community to which He has called them. Working primarily in the youth and music ministry, they want to glorify God as they serve Him in Juneau. “We are excited about the opportunity that God has given us in Juneau, and our hope is that we can share Christ’s love and gospel to the people of our community.” God has given them a burden for helping the youth of the church to find God’s direction in their lives.